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Q:  How often should I clean the filter/s in my HVAC system?

A:    We recommend checking the filter/s monthly.  If it looks dirty, clean         it with water or a mild soap mixture if it is very dirty.  Filters should be         cleaned a minimum of once every three months.


Q: What is the difference between inverter and constant speed     technology ?

 A:   An inverter in an air conditioner is used to control the speed of the         compressor to vary refrigerant flow to regulate the temperature.  By         contrast, traditional air conditioners regulate temperature by using a         compressor that is periodically either working at maximum capacity or         switched off entirely. 


Q: What size air conditioner do I need ?

A:     As a rough guide, capacity can be calculated using 500 BTU per square         meter.  To convert BTU to KW, divide total BTU by 3412.142.


Various factors can however influence the requirements:

  • Skylites
  • Sliding doors
  • Big windows
  • High ceilings
  • East or West facing windows (in South Africa)
  • Heat generators eg. staff and computers in an office environment
  • Lighting etc.

    It is advisable to get an official quotation by an experienced air     conditioning sales person.